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3 Rooms - Apartment - 101 m²
8260, Viby J
3 room apartment in Viby J
1 Room - Apartment - 33 m²
8200, Aarhus N
Lejlighed på Katrinebjergvej
1 Room - Apartment - 25 m²
8000, Aarhus C
Værelse nær Århus centrum og havn
Room - 32 m²
8200, Aarhus N
32 m² room in Aarhus N
2 Rooms - Apartment - 50 m²
8230, Åbyhøj
2 room apartment in Åbyhøj
3 Rooms - Apartment - 61 m²
8000, Aarhus C
3 room apartment in Aarhus C
4 Rooms - Apartment - 85 m²
8000, Aarhus C
Charmerende delevenlig lejlighed på F...
1 Room - Apartment - 18 m²
8000, Aarhus C
1 room apartment in Aarhus C
3 Rooms - Apartment - 72 m²
8000, Aarhus C
3-værelses i Latinerkvarteret
2 Rooms - Apartment - 45 m²
8520, Lystrup
2 room apartment in Lystrup
3 Rooms - Apartment - 69 m²
8000, Aarhus C
3 room apartment in Aarhus C
4 Rooms - Apartment - 110 m²
8240, Risskov
Skøn 4 værelses lejlighed i Risskov -...
5 Rooms - Apartment - 108 m²
8000, Aarhus C
Stor og rummelig lejlighed i Aarhus m...
2 Rooms - Apartment - 58 m²
8381, Tilst
2 room apartment in Tilst
Room - 12 m²
8210, Aarhus V
12 m² room in Aarhus V
2 Rooms - Apartment - 63 m²
8000, Aarhus C
2 room apartment in Aarhus C
Room - 34 m²
8220, Brabrand
34 m² room in Brabrand
3 Rooms - Apartment - 97 m²
8220, Brabrand
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What does rental properties in Aarhus cost?

Rental properties in Aarhus cost between kr2,480 and kr25,000.
The average price is kr128 / month per m².
Rental properties of 64 m² thus cost kr8,170 per month on average in Aarhus.

How many rental properties are currently available in Aarhus?

There are currently 1556 rental properties for rent in Aarhus.

What does 1 room rental properties in Aarhus cost on average?

1 room rental homes in Aarhus cost on average kr5,614 and are on average 37 m²

What does 2 room rental properties in Aarhus cost on average?

2 room rental homes in Aarhus cost on average kr7,594 and are on average 57 m²

What does 3 room rental properties in Aarhus cost on average?

3 room rental homes in Aarhus cost on average kr9,311 and are on average 75 m²

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Af: Mig
Hyggelig by med mange gode muligheder. De har bygget mange boliger de sidste år, men de er stadig dyre.
Af: SupaHawtFire
Personally I love Aarhus because it has a very certain 'feel' to it. It's a big city (atleast by danish standards) but it's not a big city, if that makes sense. It has all the things you'd need in a big city (places to go, people to see, things to experience) but next to none of the big city issues. It's a thriving city (Nominated as City of the Year, Cultural Capital 2017..). I can't say much for Copenhagen; I have relatives there but never lived there myself. To me, Copenhagen has the big city feel where people treat eachother as such.
Af: Amer ali
Det er en rigtig god program
Af: Aisha Denise Andersen
Jeg elsker Århus derfor søger jeg en et værelse lejlighed